BCP Personalised Exfoliating Scrub - MEDIUM

Soaps can be irritating to the skin due to the surfactants used to make a luxurious foam and because they are formulated at a pH that is not ideal for the skins health.

Our non-foaming body scrubs are formulated at a pH of 4.5 which supports microbiome health and contain only ingredients that nourish the skins natural microbiome.

Please note: Our cleansers and body scrubs are microbiome friendly and are therefore not sufficiently preserved to be stored in a shower cubicle like other products. They may be stored in a cool dry place but may be brought into the shower cubicle temporarily when they are used.  

Our scrubs are formulated to buff the skin with gentle exfoliation, revealing hydrated and brighter skin. Our medium scrubs are gentle enough to be used twice weekly. 


PS - Pumice Stone
Suitable for all skin types
Removes deep pore impurities
Reveals more radiant skin
JB - Jojoba Beads
For dry and sensitive skin
Gently cleanses
Rich in vitamin A, D & E
 TT - Tea Tree
Potent anti-acne effects
For oily and problematic skin
Powerful antioxidant properties
Antibacterial properties
WH - Walnut Husk
Soft abrasive for sensitive skin
Reveals more radiant skin
Polish and refreshes skin
HI - Hibiscus
Suitable for all skin types
Powerful antioxidant properties
Rich in Vitamin C
Brightens skin
RS - Rosehip Seed
Cleanse without irritation
Relaxes and softens skin
Nurtures skin regeneration
Reveals more radiant skin

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