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BCP Sweat Free (Diphemanil 2%)

Our Sweat Free protects against excessive sweating, keeping you dry all day long.

Our Sweat Free Powder is a unique, aluminium free product, that is effective in treating excessive sweating that causes skin chafing, foot odour, and skin moisture that can lead to fungal infections. 

It is particularly useful in areas such as the hands, feet, under arms, under breasts and in the groin area.

Our powder is also gaining a cult following amongst tanning salons. It has been designed by our pharmacists with a unique active ingredient (diphemanil methylsulfate) which ensures the ensure the body stays dry for 8 hours.  Other products on the market merely absorb sweat and this can make the tan patchy 


To apply, clean and dry the affected skin area. Apply the powder and massage thoroughly into skin twice daily or as required. Apply more frequently if perspiration is excessive.



Corn starch, Zinc oxide, Diphemanil methylsulfate.

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