September 14, 2020

fibromyalgia border compounding pharmacy

At Border Compounding Pharmacy we deal with lots of different pain issues. 

Fibromyalgia is something that is really quite prevalent in modern day and predominantly effects mature women 30 years and over. It can be life long and over your whole body, muscle pain, fatigue and tenderness. It can be bought on by psychological stress, physical trauma or an illness with a fairly strong genetic link.  

If you have your diagnosis for Fibromyalgia, its good to know what your dealing with. The main issues that will be treated when you go for a doctor visit will get some pain relief like nostril anti-inflammatories, Tramadol or something similar, then they may put you on an anti-depressant and duloxetine and these things have proven to do well. However with Fibromyalgia it needs to be treated holistically. You need to try all the different modalities.

There are many things we can offer at Border Compounding Pharmacy, we can created personalised pain creams that can target specific areas of your body, which reduce the systemic side effects as you would with a lot of oral medications. Also, we can compound PEA, which has been proving to benefit sufferers of Fibromyalgia. Your doctor can also prescribe a higher compounded dose of Vitamin D, stronger than what you would buy at a regular pharmacy, we can compound up to 50,000 IU.

Medical cannabis is another alternative for treating Fibromyalgia. You can use cognitive behavioural therapies or yoga, anything that can de-stress will help to treat it. 

Our advice is to embrace all the therapies and really stay on top of it. If you newly diagnosed with Fibromyalgia or you have had it for some time and your not happy with where you are at, we are more than happy for you to come in and have a chat to discuss your pain issues.

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